For an eco green world

Concerned with preserving our planet’s resources and aware of the environmental impact of its business on it, Groupe GM has placed the protection of nature at the centre of its concerns and adopted an “eco-green” policy. arbre-1 Desiring to promote a model of environmentally responsible development and to share its ideas for a more environmentally friendly business, Groupe GM has created “For an Eco-Green World”.
This blog brings together news and “eco-friendly” initiatives in the world of hospitality. It aims to exchange and communicate environmentally responsible values in order ​​to encourage stakeholders in the hospitality industry to adopt a more environmentally friendly “eco-green” attitude.GroupeGM 2012 A leading international player in the industry of hotel services for over 40 years, Groupe GM designs, produces and distributes cosmetics and accessories for hotels in over 70 countries across all the continents. Drawing on an international network of specialised agents, Groupe GM distributes a unique portfolio of over 30 brands. In addition to its own brands, Groupe GM has signed exclusive worldwide licence agreements with famous international brands, including cosmetics, fashion, design and spa brands. Groupe GM offers flexible and comprehensive solutions, allowing hoteliers to stand out with their hospitality products.


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